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I am Candace and I am the proud owner of Temperance Crystals.

I also am a mother of four amazing Children, and yes I was diagnosed Bi-Polar in the late 90’s at the age of 13. It’s been a battle learning my true healing gifts being on Medication. After 20 years of suffering from side effects from the numerous medications they had me on, I was blessed with a snowstorm. Due to this horrific snowstorm I missed a doctor’s appointment and I could not be seen for 3 months. My anxiety was truly paralyzing, and I did not know what to do. I had been reaching out for so many years, and than I realized, I have never truly reached in, learning that my anxiety was my soul reminding me I have energy that I need to focus. I could keep covering it up with meds, after meds, or I could take on the challenge and let it become my growth.

 I started with Yoga, then some Mindful activities, and at last MEDITATION with CRYSTALS! I had now at this point been off of medication for 2 months. No foggy brain, or controlled energy, I was now free to be me! I continued with these alternative practices, and the next thing I knew I was cancelling my doctor’s appointment. This is not a solution for everyone, and I would never try to persuade anyone to not seek professional help, this is as simple as My Story. I put their bottles down and found my own balance. I than started utilizing the Crystals, Oils, and Herbs to learn even more vibrations. Here is where TEMPERANCE CRYSTALS was born.These practices inspired me to share these tools with the community.

Thanks to Crystals, Meditation, and Yoga, 8 Years later, I am still managing to cope with and even utilize my ups and downs of bi-polar without Medication. I have learned how to work through my depression and follow my anxiety out. As a Healer I would never suggest any one to just stop taking their medication, the way I was forced to. Be true to yourself and always follow your heart.

Crystals can be incorporated in anyone’s world.

I've leaned that sometimes working through the Pain and discomfort can be a  Portal to Personal Growth!

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