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I am Candace and I am the proud owner of Temperance Crystals.

I also am a mother of four amazing Children. It’s been a long journey learning my true healing gifts. When I started was on my spiritual Journey, I was so lost on where to go and what to do with these mystical questions I had. I spent 5 years of researching and exploring, and being doubted and laughed at, while trying to gather information on how to shape myself during this spiritual development. My anxiety was truly paralyzing, and I did not know what to do. I felt so alone on this journey. I realized it was time to get practical.  I had been reaching out for so many years, and then I realized, I have never truly reached in, learning that my anxiety was my soul reminding me I have energy that I need to focus. I could let it keep on paralyzing me or feel the pain, I could take on the challenge, and let it become my growth.

 I started with Yoga, then some Mindful activities, and at last MEDITATION with CRYSTALS!  I than started utilizing the Crystals, Oils, and Herbs to Harmonize with different vibrations and energies. While remaining Practical during my Spiritual Journey, I was now free to be me! I continued with these alternative practices, and the next thing I knew I was attracting similar people, ones that were just at a loss on where to start and where do I belong. Here is where TEMPERANCE CRYSTALS was born. These practices and people inspired me to offer the tools I gathered with the community. Create a place where there are no weird questions and a place where you can just BE YOU!!

 Be true to yourself and always follow your heart.

Crystals can be incorporated in anyone’s world.

I've leaned that sometimes working through the Pain and discomfort can be a  Portal to Personal Growth!

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